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Greenhalgh Castle

Greenhalgh Castle, Garstang

Greenhalgh Castle, Garstang

Sealed Knot Re-enactment


Greenhalgh Castle was built in 1490 by the 1st Earl of Derby as a garrison to protect his lands, which had been given to him by the King Henry VII for services rendered.

It was the last Royalist stronghold in Lancashire at the time of the Civil War and was garrisoned by Sir Gilbert Houghton’s dragoons under Colonel George Dodding. After a long siege by Cromwell’s forces in which it was undermined but held out, the castle was dismantled and the stone used to build Greenhalgh Castle farmhouse and others in the area. Originally built with four towers and curtain walls only one ruined tower now remains looking over the market town of Garstang and the Bleasdale Fells to the east.

In 2002 the Sealed Knot held a re-enactment of the siege of Greenhalgh Castle on the farm at Garstang with the ruins forming a spectacular backdrop to the battle. A small castle model made to commemorate the event is still available at a cost of £25.

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